Dr. Mark Webber

Dr. Mark Webber
Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Dr. Mark Webber is a family and sports-oriented chiropractic physician. For more than 20 years, Dr. Webber has been dedicated to educating, training, and motivating patients who are interested in returning their bodies back to their natural state of health. His clients rely on his compassionate approach to patient care, his commitment to listening and understanding what they need, and his practical approach to treatment.

In conjunction with his diversified style of adjusting the spine and extremities, Dr. Webber performs muscle work, develops stretching routines, provides active release therapy ("ART"), and designs exercise programs to help his clients maintain better health.

Over his career he has worked with athletes ranging from junior high school track stars to professional and Olympic-level athletes and teams. He's been a ring doctor for more than 200 mixed martial arts fights and is currently the official chiropractor for the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team, the Seattle Mist Legends Football League, and the WABDL (World Association of Bench Press and Dead Lifters). He's also been the IPF World Powerlifting Championship medical director and head drug tester for more than 20 years and provides chiropractic care at marathons, motocross, golf, and many other athletic events.

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